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Our assisted living facility and adult day stay facility, Cape Coral Shores is located in Cape Coral, Fl.

At Cape Coral Shores we are proud to offer

  • High Staff-to-Resident Ratio for individualized attention
  • Memory support activities designed to encourage cognitive function
  • Open-concept building design that encourages activity and security
  • Comfortable, home-like setting that creates familiarity and serenity
Assisted Living Apartments - Cape Coral

1318 Santa Barbara Boulevard
Cape Coral, Florida 33991
Office: (239)573-9442
Fax: (239)573-9424


Current Investment Opportunity
A hotel that will be converted into an Assisted Living Facility (ALF).


As the U.S. continues to tap into the vast new drilling opportunities in Texas and North Dakota, workforce housing is in high demand! Workforce housing is a fast-growing high-yield investment vehicle within a booming industry.