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Investment Specialties

Leverage Global, LLC has the experienced team to help you develop your property. From storage units to senior living facilities to single family homes, we offer a broad range of consulting services designed to get your investment property started.

Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)

ALF’s provide residents with as much independence as possible with the simultaneous personal care and support services as and when needed. Assisted living facilities are designed to assist with essential activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, grooming, and others. In some states, the laws allow for medication services. However, assisted living facilities vary from nursing homes because they do not provide the residents with most other medical service needs.


With the hotel industry affected by the seasonal nature of the business, it requires efficient management and operations systems, as well as effective marketing. Nevertheless, business and tourist travel create demand, and a well-run operation can be very profitable. We like this niche when we can purchase properties from banks and receivers at a good value.

Mobile Home Parks (MHP)

We are looking to acquire MHP that add value to residents and investors while providing homes that are affordable. As more people sell their homes (or lenders taking possession), this creates demand for affordable housing for families across the nation. Mobile home parks can fill this need.

Single Family Homes

Leverage Global’s team has the knowledge, experience, and ability to locate single-family homes at low prices. With the proper research, we find the areas of the country that provide the elements needed for quick turn around investments.

Storage Facilities (Mini Storage)

The need for adequate storage for possessions drives the demand for more and more storage facilities in most states. With this trend continuing. storage facilities can be very strong cash flow vehicles for our investors. We use our

Oil Field Workforce Housing

As the U.S. continues to tap into the vast new drilling opportunities in Texas and North Dakota, workforce housing is in extremely high demand! Workforce housing is a fast-growing high-yield investment vehicle within a booming industry.